A day in the life of a triple mum

“My mother had the greatest trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it.” Mark Twain

Now now, don’t we all enjoy it.

Today the alarm rang to deaf ears. My eldest, 7 years old, who will be from now on named CreativeGirl, dresses at the speed of one item every ten mins. The clock is dangerously approaching ten past seven and we have to be out in twenty minutes. She practices a Shakira move in front of the mirror. My 5 year old boy, from now on SunnySmile (although—- boy does he frown when he wants to!) has decided he is not going to school today and Little Buddha, my 19 months toddler boy, follows suit in a loud attempt to join his brother’s intentions.

Finally I get them all at the breakfast table and we must be outta here in 5 mins.

In the car they all sing along to the song “I want to be a billionaire”-and then we wonder what has happened to the young generation of our time…
While I’m driving I am thinking about the following:
-must book doc visits for 5 year old and Hubby, I wonder if he has found his hard drive, I should really try and find it.

-making a mental note of birthday cards, playdates, school meetings and miscellaneous stuff I must attend to

-need milk and bread and ham and fruit and…corr this is hard better writing a list.

Kids in school. Promised my mum to take her out with LittleBuddha (my 20 months toddler) and we all have a jolly shopping morning (!). At the shopping mall play area for toddlers I have to really bite my tongue as my mum is going on with the “stai attento” business. Finally home, LittleBuddha has lunch and gives me the gift of life: a three hour nap! Manage to finish my translation work just in time to go and pick up the other two, and make chocolate fireworks biscuits for the kids to celebrate Bonfire night-sadly no bonfires in Italy…

Today I am teaching English to them and two of their friends and I have also managed to prepare my lesson.

Happy chaos of kids in the kitchen munching talking attempting to say Firework Display while the toddler happily joins in.

Bye bye to my students and in with dinner  and husband comes home and nonna (my mum) starts complaining about her ailments.

Kids make glitter glue fireworks while I cook dinner. They all look like small Abbas going to the disco and are having a great time.

Finally after the usual bedtime madness –CreativeGirl asks complicated questions about the universe while SunnySmile charges about while LittleBuddha says “NO” as loud as he possibly can – I get them to bed at 8.30.

Glass of Rosé. Breathe.

Now now, don’t we all enjoy it.


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