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To sleep or not to sleep

“Working mothers are guinea pigs in a scientific experiment to show that sleep is not necessary to human life.” ~ Author Unknown

Now, hopefully I will get some fellow mums to join in on this one…feels a bit lonely here! I know I last updated the blog in October- doesn’t time flies when you’re havin’ fun!

But…like the Pink Floyd once said…is there anybody out there?

I get by with little over 3-4 hours of sleep. I don’t like to go to bed early, because after the kids are in bed at 8.30 pm, I feel that I can finally LIVE. As much as I love the three little hobbits, I need -I need -I need time to myself, and sleep for me does not count.

Things I do instead of sleeping:
1. Watch adult stuff on the telly -anything that is not colourful and comes with silly songs and shrieking little voices will do
2. Watch 4 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy in a row.
3. Read the paper, Vanity Fair, online news, a book.
4. Have a glass of wine, or two, or three…depending on how the day has been!
5. Eat popcorn and/or rice cakes with Nutella
6. Do the laundry, clean, cook, you name it. Well, here I have no choice, but I least I can do it in peace, without having to: listen to CreativeGirl telling me her recent astronomy class discoveries, trying to stop Little Buddha from stuffing the toilet with toilet paper, yell at SunnySmile for playing indoor football near my precious aroma-therapy bottles. Yep, all at the same time.
7. Translation work until the little hours for clients who want it all done by yesterday
8. Study the papers for my next interpreting conference
9. Plan the next day, military style
10. Make plans and think about a thousand ideas I don’t have the time to implement (like this blog!)
11. Spend a ridiculous amount of time posting/chatting to my Facebook friends
12. Have dinner with Hubby…and “dessert” too 😉
13. Yoga and meditation –mmm…this is what I should do…really, instead I…
14. …Fall asleep on the settee with the TV on in the outmost bliss
15. Think up some more stuff to do instead of going to bed
16. Just think (this can truly and only happen when the house is quiet).

Now, this means I don’t go to bed much before 1 or 2 am. And I have to be up before 7. Which would be ok, if it wasn’t for the…

…Things that happen while I am trying to enjoy my me-time:
1. Creative girl wakes up and comes downstairs several times. She either had a bad dream –how many bad dreams can a 8 year old get???? – and/or she is too hot, too cold, wants to nose at what I am watching on the telly, or maybe a drink, a hot water bottle, a wee wee, a cuddle, another kiss goodnight, in that order.

2. Little Buddha wakes up. This inevitably happens when I have made the solemn decision to go to bed, or even when I am finally away with the fairies, which is much much worse. I hear him in the monitor shouting “Latte!”, as if he has been starved for days. Of course at tea time he has wolfed down pasta with a mountain of cheese, a plateful of chicken goujons with “chickchap” (=toddler language for ketchup) and a chocolate cupcake…but poor thing, he is growing, so I get up and pick him up quietly, not to wake up SunnySmile. Who, by the way, takes after his father and would sleep through a raging tornado, an early learned skill that comes handy later in life, when men just can’t hear those babies crying at night.
We go downstairs, I warm up his bottle in the microwave, and then he is back to sleep, if he is not sick/teething/on a growth spurt and wants another bottle of latte…Of course!

3. The whole process starts all over again, back to points 1 and 2.

…Oh dear dear it’s already 2.45 am! I should probably go to bed…before anything happens 😉